Anaís’s SUNflower 1st Birthday

Cake Smash!

what a day to remember! our first time planning and throwing a birthday party was a success for the rod family… it came together much more than we truly expected, thanks to Pinterest (of course) + ricardo for being such a HUGE help!  also to his family for contributing to some of the decorations and making birria (yum!) after all the stressful days where i felt as if i was getting no where, the outcome of the whole party left us feeling like great parents, a lot more people showed up than we expected. anaís is very lucky to have such an amazing family that came to celebrate her very first birthday! the only little downfall of the day was that she was not ready to party herself, we think she wasn’t ready to turn 1 (sigh)! ricardo and i had to deal with a clingy baby all day, but it was very much worth it, i loved holding her and letting family hold her as well. this was such a great experience for us because we learned a lot and it brought out the creative sides of us, a lot of the decorations were DIY’s. we want to thank everyone for making anaís birthday extra special! my advice to anyone who is planning their kids first birthday is to PLAN AHEAD, do not do anything last minute, make sure you know who is coming and how many kids they are bringing, make sure to actually enjoy yourselves because it is not just a party for your baby but for the parents as well!! take a deep breath, relax, and enjoy some of the treats yourself, take many pictures because everyone is right “the baby will not remember” but YOU will, so enjoy the every moment because you will not get these moments with your little one again! here are some pictures of our set up… enjoy!


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hi! I am cecelia, 21 years old married to my best friend + a mother to a one year old sassy girl. i am a growing women trying to be the best mother and wife i can be and hopefully inspire some of you young mothers along the way.

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