Baby is sleeping? TAKE ADVANTAGE


i know how important it is to have some ‘quality time’ when you finally get the little monster to bed, but sometimes you are just so drained out that you just want to go to sleep and get in those extra hours of sleep before you have to wake up and do it all over again. that is OK but sometimes you have to use that time to enjoy yourself and even your significant other! i know the night-time for me, is where i can recharge myself from the long day I’ve had, being a stay at home mom is a blessing and I would not change it for the world, but being with my daughter for 24 hours 7 days out of the week gets a little hectic. here are some of the things i do for myself when baby is finally sleeping…

  1. Take a hot long shower: yes, I am guilty (sometimes) I wait until the end of the day to finally shower! i admit during the day it is impossible to get a shower in when i have a clingy 1-year-old baby grabbing onto my legs everywhere i go. showering at night has been my ultimate ‘go to’ (except when my husband wants to join and ruins the ‘hot shower’ concept)
  2. Catch up on your showsright now my husband and I are finishing up our show ‘pretty little liars’ yes I know what you’re thinking (how lame) but what can i say finding out who ‘A’ was became an addiction for us (haha)… also, ‘’13 reasons why’ has made the list! img_52313. Go to the gym (if you live with another adult): after a long day sometimes you just need ‘you’ time, and for me that is going to the gym! when i feel up to it i will go and do my usual workout routines (i will write another post on that mom bod soon) putting those gym clothes to use and showering right after is the perfect way to end a night!! i know it is hard to go to the gym throughout the day, so that is why you should make time for yourselves when hubby gets home. (this is me getting my ‘swole’ on;)4449e266-6afb-4827-b739-5671e2a648b9.jpg4. ehh skip the gym EAT WHATEVER YOU WANT: yes sometimes i say no to the gym and yes to all these sweets that i was craving throughout the day. this is the perfect time to eat anything you want without the baby watching you with those sad puppy eyes; or my daughter who just tries everything to grab it. sometimes if i am extra lucky (like tonight) my husband is kind enough to go get a quick sundae from McDonald’s (yessssss) 41305614-f9b9-4ed0-bf7f-56d764a052185. do absolutely NOTHING: now this is something that you could NEVER possibly do during the day for stay at home parents (or working parents). doing nothing? is that even a thing? does that truly exist anymore? YES IT DOES. my husband and i will just lay in bed, and talk, go on our phones or just simply chill together. 

just know that when the baby is sleeping (nap time, night time) you need to always make time for yourselves! if it’s doing laundry, watching netflix, or even talking on the phone; it is so important. being a stay at home mom can get lonely, and sometimes it takes a toll on you, especially if you are fairly new to that lifestyle. now that I’ve given you all my tips, what do you do when baby is asleep?

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hi! I am cecelia, 21 years old married to my best friend + a mother to a one year old sassy girl. i am a growing women trying to be the best mother and wife i can be and hopefully inspire some of you young mothers along the way.

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