How to Survive Being with a CAR GUY






This blog is for all my ladies who decided to stay with the man who had that loud, very low, broken-looking car. I, myself am a wife to a crazy car guy, so I know firsthand on how this life works. If you love the man, you got to love the whole package they come with (or should i say ‘packages’ haha!) My husband’s passion for cars used to annoy me, but then once I started to realize that this car life is actually a pretty cool hobby, I started to slowly take interest in his hobby. Now down below, I am going to give you some tips on how to keep his side girl (the car) from ruining your relationship/marriage/etc.

Tip #1:

 Go to the car meets with him! Honestly ladies, sometimes they have some cool prizes, amazing food, and even hot girls walking around half-naked 😉 haha but no really, you might be surprised on how fun they could be. Especially because you’ll see your man with the biggest smile on his face the WHOLE TIME and I promise, there will be NO arguing on this special date your man picked out.


Tip #2: 

If your man is outside, and he says only “10 more minutes” he’s lying. You make sure right before those 10 minutes come to an end, you go outside and just simply stand there and give him that “you better get your ass inside” stare. It might work ladies, try it.


Tip #3: 

Ladies, you are their other halves, their soul mates, their best friends but you aren’t their only girl… so when your man is talking to you about “the other woman (aka the car)” you gotta at least ACT like you care. BONUS: if you even do some research on the smallest things and actually say some of those things.. I am pretty sure you just made your man the happiest man on earth 🙂

Tip #4:

 You sometimes gotta accept the fact that you might come second sometimes. I know that used to be the hardest for me, but it honestly made me feel so much better knowing my man was at a car meet that night instead of being out partying, etc.


Tip #5:

 You got a package at your door??? DO NOT get your hopes up to high, it is probably not that new make up palette you’ve been hinting to your man for the past couple of weeks. Trust me when I say this, but packages will be a weekly thing. Your man will spend plenty of money on that car compared to what he’ll spend on you or HIMSELF (harsh, but it’s sorta the truth lol)

Tip #6:

For those ladies who LOVE the attention on his social media, and just love those random “WCW” posts, this one might be hard for you. Expect the spotlight on every one of his social medias to be about his car!!!  I know for a fact my man posts more about his car than he does about me, I used to complain and complain and complain but honestly it got me nowhere, it just will never change, he loves his car probably as much as he loves you! Don’t beat yourself up though, when he decides to post about you; it’s probably going to be the most cutest post EVER! (Yeah sure it is haha!)

Tip #7: 

If his daily is that obnoxious loud car that you could hear from a mile away, make sure you make a mark on that passenger seat. Meaning, you let every one of his friends know, that seat will be occupied by you 99.9% of the time because you WILL be his date to almost everyone of those car meets!


Tip #8:

 Are you in control of the directions? Well you should probably make sure there are absolutely NO speed bumps on the way to your guys destination!! LADIES: speed bumps=worst enemy for car guys (and for the people behind them). If you see a speed bump coming, just sit back and close your eyes, don’t even look… because trust me when I say this, your man will look as if that speed bump did not cause traffic behind you guys, did not just scrape the crap out of his bumper, and did not just make the most loudest ugliest noise.

Tip #9: 

This is for my ladies who sometimes prefer driving to places in their own car because, well… you just get too much anxiety being in their car but you still want to be the best partner ever… So, if you’re driving behind them, and you see some sparks coming from underneath their car DO NOT FREAK OUT. Trust me when I say this, it is completely normal (are you sure??? are cars supposed to have sparks coming from underneath) When you’re dating a car guy, YES. BONUS: if you see other people staring and trying to wave them down, catch up to them and just put a thumbs up, let them know it’s normal and not to freak out haha.


Tip #10:

 Don’t worry ladies, porn isn’t your worst enemy… it’s those damn car YouTube videos your man will be watching 24/7. If you’re lucky, he might just save those videos when he has his alone time in the restroom, but if you’re not so lucky he will be glued to that phone almost all day watching the SAME car guys doing god knows what to those cars!



S/o to my wonderful husband who always makes sure we are riding in style and never fails to amaze me with his talents and passion for cars. IG: @ohstopitsteezy

Ladies, my biggest advice is, make sure you and your partner are on the same level when it comes to both your hobbies. Sometimes it’s not that this hobby annoys you but it might be scary, and if that’s the case make sure you speak up and let them know that some of these things they do with their cars, don’t look or sound safe. I hope you enjoyed this blog, thank you for reading!

xo, RidingWTheRods ❤


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hi! I am cecelia, 21 years old married to my best friend + a mother to a one year old sassy girl. i am a growing women trying to be the best mother and wife i can be and hopefully inspire some of you young mothers along the way.

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