twenty-one things…

…on his twenty-first birthday

my sweet husband turned 21 (on November 25th) and celebrated two weekends in a row. since the celebration is over, i can finally relax and write.

this is our 3rd year spending his birthday together and i can’t explain the amount of growth, love, and strength i was able to witness these past three years


from working at little caesar’s- to working at a golf course- then becoming a Marine, he has proven to himself that he can do anything he sets his mind too. he has worked so hard these past three years and continues to work hard everyday.


becoming a husband and a father has truly expanded this man’s heart from the start. the amount of love he gives his daughter is truly beautiful. the amount of love he gives to me, continues to make me a happy wife.


he never gives up. always talking about how he can’t wait to move up in his career, and continues to prove to his family and his peers that he will and he is.


Ricardo, i want you to know that i love you with all of my heart and i will continue to support you, have trust in you and be here with you through the good and bad. the day that i said “i do” i gave my heart to you. knowing that you were put into my life because god wanted you there. i hope you enjoyed being 21 in Las Vegas because i know i did ❤

…you are finally a big boy and can buy your own alcohol.

xo, ridingwtherods

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hi! I am cecelia, 21 years old married to my best friend + a mother to a one year old sassy girl. i am a growing women trying to be the best mother and wife i can be and hopefully inspire some of you young mothers along the way.

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