A New Chapter

Hello family and friends ❤

I decided to dedicate this post to all of you who read and follow my blogs. First I wanted to say thank you for always being supportive and following along throughout our journey.

I’ve been very busy, as you can tell. My spring semester started and I am 75% done with community college (YES!) So majority of my time has been spent doing homework and dealing with a sassy 20 month old (yikes). My husband has also been leaving and coming back since January so I’ve been having a hard time adjusting to all this change that’s been happening along this time.

To start..

Goodbye to being a stay at home mom (for now)… Yes, I said my goodbye’s to being a stay at home mom and if I am being honest, I couldn’t be more happier. Yes, I truly admit it and I do not feel guilty one bit. All mother’s are not the same, and should never be judged for the decisions they make based on their own well being. Being home with my daughter, was one of the rockiest times of my life. I dealt with so many emotions, that I am going to share that with all of you. Being a SAHM is not for everyone and no one should ever feel guilty for admitting that. I give so much props to those who can do it! For those who can’t and wish they could, I am truly sorry.

Some of the emotions I dealt with:

Depression, Anxiety, Failure, and Loneliness

It was’t always like that though (I promise). Seeing my daughter for all hours of the day was truly a blessing and I would never wish different. But, dealing with all four of those emotions was truly hard on me. I always felt alone, even though I wasn’t. I always felt like all the future plans and goals I had set for myself were going to waste and I would never get them back. I felt so bad that my husband was working his ass off everyday for us, and I wasn’t. I’d cry for no reason, and found myself not wanting to do ANYTHING. Sometimes, I felt like I was failing my daughter.

I’m doing what’s best for my family and MYSELF… I decided to put an end to those emotions and do something different. I got a job. I went through so many interviews, I been denied more than once, and I constantly wanted to give up but I didn’t. I knew that I needed change so I kept reaching for it. The moment I got my job, so much excitement and new emotions arose. I couldn’t wait to get out there and show the world who I am and show them all the incredible things that I know I am capable of doing. Yes, I sometimes dread waking up and leaving my daughter but I always remind myself why I decided to step up and do this in the first place. For once, I started to put myself first. Always remember: Happy Wife Happy Life 


I am happy. My daughter is happy. My husband is happy. We have been doing so much better since I’ve gotten this job. Not only because it’s helping us out financially, but because Ricardo and I are both taking these huge steps for our future plans we have. I wouldn’t have been able to do this without the support of my husband but also the support of my family. My daughter is surrounded with so many people who love her and want the best for her and because of that I am grateful. We are grateful.


Thank you so much for reading.

XOXO, RidingWtheRods ❤





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hi! I am cecelia, 21 years old married to my best friend + a mother to a one year old sassy girl. i am a growing women trying to be the best mother and wife i can be and hopefully inspire some of you young mothers along the way.

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