hi, my name is cecelia, i am a 21 year old wife to my best friend; ricardo + a mama to a sassy 1 year old girl; anaís. my husband and I are were quite young when we entered the life of parenthood and the challenges of military lifestyle.


i was 18 and ricardo was 17 when we started to call each other ‘boyfriend and girlfriend’ he was already enlisted into the Marine’s and was waiting for his ship out date while i was working part time (practically full time) and going to college. one year past by and i find out i was pregnant with a baby girl, we were taken by surprised but knew that we were ready to take on that challenge of being young parents and a married couple. dealing with a few obstacles along the way, i pushed out my baby girl on May 27th 2017 at 5:02pm, she came out perfect and stole our hearts right away.

my husband was blessed to be stationed in Oceanside CA only an hour away from our hometown where our supporting and loving family are located. we have been getting through parenthood and this lifestyle together as a family, and continue to learn and grow everyday, i hope to reach out to all the young mamas; and young couples, our life isn’t easy, we have dealt with our own problems but learn new ways to deal with them without giving up, please sit back and enjoy these posts with a cup of coffee or even a glass of wine 😉